How to Age Brass

Published: 25th March 2011
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Brass is indeed a wonderful alloy; simply putting decorative brass ornaments in your home can drastically transform the look and feel of your house from drab and dreary to regal and majestic. Sure, a lot of metals can be used for home dťcor, but they simply canít match the features of brass.

Brass can indeed add panache to any space but if you want a more classic and classy look, aging your brass is the way to go. Aged brass dťcor and ornaments give your space a look of vintage class and cool. A darker color of brass gives that antique look, as if the dťcorís been around for centuries. You donít need to be a rocket scientist to achieve the effects of aged brass; all you need are a handy-dandy assortment of household items.

First off, clean the varnish off the brass. To do this, take a piece of cloth and dip it in acetone, then rub it all over the itemís surface. Once thatís done, clean the acetone off with hot water and allow it to dry.

Next, grab a paintbrush and dip it in vinegar or salt water and apply it all over the brass itemís surface. This will serve to oxidize the brass and begin the process of aging. Apply heat or a flame to the brass to hasten the aging process as well as oxidize it. Sheet brass suppliers state that the varnish and lacquer should be completely cleaned off before applying any heat, since both chemicals are highly flammable.

Next, sheet brass suppliers recommend buying an aging solution that you can buy in most hardware stores and apply it on the brass item with a clean cloth. Put the item in a plastic bag next to a cloth soaked in ammonia. The vapors of ammonia will produce a slightly green patina thatís commonly found in brass statues, thus giving it an aged look.

Once youíre happy with the brass itemís color, allow it to dry. You can either have it waxed to have a certain degree of shine, or you can leave it as is and let it age. Once thatís done, voila! Your house is transformed into a space full of classic luxury and class. For more information on how to age your brass, contact sheet brass suppliers.

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