Dezincification and Pipes

Published: 04th February 2011
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Dezincification is a form of corrosion wherein the zinc present in an alloy is stripped down because of corrosion. Water pipes are especially prone to this form of corrosion. This can cause serious problems in any home, causing major problems in plumbing and health risks. Itís important to know the hazards that dezincification can cause and how to avoid them.

@The trouble starts with zinc; most pipes have zinc in their composition, making them susceptible to dezincification. The process leads to the degrading of the alloy. Corrosive soils and water-borne chemicals cause the zinc to leach out. This causes the pipe to weaken and may cause the pipe to fail.

Some chemicals can cause the zinc in pipes to dissolve. Zinc oxide then builds up as a white powdery substance, which can restrict the flow of water, and this can also cause a pipe to leak or even break. Zinc oxide can also cause pipe fittings to degrade even more, and can also causing fixtures to get clogged up. Zinc can become poisonous at certain concentrations, causing serious health risks.

To remedy this problem, most Brass Pipe Suppliers have come up with dezincification resistant brass or DZR. Dezincification resistant brass is used when regular brass doesnít meet corrosion standards and when there is a large risk of corrosion in certain areas. This type of brass is perfect for plumbing fixtures and in areas where there is a high level of chloride and other water-borne chemicals are present. This type of brass is made by adding gunmetal, tin, or arsenic to the alloyís composition. These materials are highly resistant to corrosion and dezincification.

Dezincification resistant brass is highly durable and capable of withstanding corrosion. They are also available in a variety of finishes like polished brass, antique brass, and chrome-plated brass to provide that look of elegance while still being able to eliminate the dangers of dezincification. You can eliminate the chance of this form of corrosion from ever happening by contacting Brass Pipe Suppliers who offer dezincification resistant brass.

Dezincification is a serious problem which can cause extensive damage to your home, your plumbing, and even your health. If you contact Brass Pipe Suppliers and ask for dezincification resistant brass, you wonít have to worry about pipe corrosion. Itís your home on the line here, so it only makes sense to keep it safe from any danger.

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