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Published: 28th October 2010
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A lot of things can be made out of brass these days. Keeping up with the pace of such demand requires a lot of raw materials, machinery and man power. If you are a manufacturer or a supplier of quality brass, then you should have extensive knowledge on the workflow of the production of this prolific kind of alloy.

Brass is produced by combining copper and zinc in varying quantities to give it different characteristics and properties. The amount of zinc infused with the copper varies on what the finished product will be for. And such products range from bathroom fixtures to less-friction gears in cars.

When mixed up with the right substances, brass can be more resistant to wear and tear, be more durable, and even made into musical instruments, due to its excellent acoustic properties. An amount of lead is added to the brass to make it more malleable and capable of turning it into different shapes and forms. Silicon can also be added in place of the lead for more sterile quality.

Almost all ninety percent of all brass alloys are recycled. These are turned into brass pellets, which are given to brass manufacturers to work on with. These Brass Manufacturers also take different kinds of metal to combine with the brass pellets in order to give it different properties. For instance, aluminum mixed with brass will produce a type of brass that has more strength and more resistant to corrosion. The manufacturer has to have an excellent set of equipment and a very good quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The bathroom devours a big quantity of brass products, especially brass fixtures and pipes. The Brass Manufacturers produce a large assortment of brass pipes and fittings to be sold. They manufacture brass pipes in different dimensions, such as diameter and length. And all of these brass applications should meet the standards in terms of quality and durability.

On any fixtures or fittings to be devised in household and commercial furnishings, brass is the number one choice. Brass Manufacturers strive to make it stronger, more long-lasting, and retain its luster for much longer time.

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